Panel Discussions

Aviation Vision Board

Aviation continues to evolve at a supersonic pace. Looking out over a 15-year horizon, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead? Airline senior leaders take a look into the crystal ball and envision aviation in 2035.

Speakers: Eric Bordeleau, Senior Director, International Network Planning and Air Canada Jetz; Andrew Gibbons, Director of Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs, Westjet; Andrew Pierce, Vice President, Network Planning and Reporting, Porter Airlines;

Iceland’s on Fire – What Lessons can we Learn?

Following the brink of financial bankruptcy in 2008, Iceland has risen as one of the “hottest” locations in the world, creating a tourism product that has now become the country’s largest export. In 2009, the total airline passenger count to and from Iceland was 1.8 million. In less than 10 years that number grew to 8.8 million. With many similarities to Atlantic Canada – naturally beautiful landscapes; an historical reliance on natural resources; small population but located close to both North America and continental Europe – learn how Iceland became accessible to the world by growing tourism interest and airline seat capacity at an unprecedented rate.

Speakers: Chris Hagen, Director of Product Supply, Malvern; Thorleifur Thor Jonsson, Senior Manager, Trade delegations and Visit Iceland, Promote Iceland; Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson, Managing Director, Air Freight and Logistics, Icelandair;

Lighthouses, Lobster and . . .  Ultra Low Cost Carriers?

Assessing the ULCC potential for Atlantic Canada. Canada has a developing ULCC market with a number of emerging airlines about to start service. Hear about how Portugal’s Algarve area has developed into a tourism destination as a result of LCCs. Can this be duplicated in Atlantic Canada? Is there demand for ULCC service in Atlantic Canada; moreover is it sustainable?

Speakers: Cláudia Ribeiro De Almeida, Professor, Tourism, School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism, University of the Algarve; Robert Kokonis, President and Managing Director, AirTrav Inc.;

Route Relationships with Results: How to do it with Multiple Partners

Sustainable air service is often the product of productive partnerships with airports, airlines and community stakeholders. How do these groups coalesce around a common goal? What does a progressive partnership look like? Can airlines and community groups resuscitate an underperforming route? Learn from airports, airlines and community stakeholders on how marketing initiatives can grow and support air services.

Speakers: Cathy Duke, CEO, Destination St. John’s; Johanne Gallant, President & CEO, Fredericton International Airport; Gabriella Lechner, Director, Marketing and Sales Communications, Air Canada; Susan Oland, Director of Partnership – Sunwing Travel Group, Sunwing;


Keynote address by Ferio Pugliese

Keynote Speaker: Ferio Pugliese, Senior Vice President, Air Canada Express and Government Relations, Air Canada;

Keynote address by Alan Doyle

Keynote Speaker: Alan Doyle;

Imagine the Potential

Think we’re past the days of peak oil? Think again. Charlene Johnson of the Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association drills down to present a compelling forecast of emergent oil and gas opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador, the Atlantic region and the country that will fuel growth for cargo and passenger traffic.

Keynote Speaker: Charlene Johnson, CEO Noia;

Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn is much more than an Inn: it’s a Trojan horse for a set of ideas around community economics and business in service of place. Owned by a charity (Shorefast) and returning profits to serve the community of Fogo Island, the Inn and its associated projects are forging new paths and models in the hospitality industry. Learnings, successes, and challenges from Fogo Island have wider echoes throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canada at large.

Keynote Speaker: Zita Cobb, Founder and CEO, Shorefast and, Innkeeper of the Fogo Island Inn;

Not Just Another Industry Update

Our industry is in constant flux – new challenges surface every day for all stakeholders in the aviation industry. From policy changes to biometrics, designing new aircraft to planning new routes, we will discuss how we can collectively turn industry challenges into opportunities for increasing flight options and air connectivity. This is not just another industry update – we will go beyond the figures and growth rates to explore the latest emerging trends that continues to shape the aviation industry around us, and our place in it.

Keynote Speaker: Marcus Lam, Vice President, InterVISTAS Consulting;

Making (Another) Run for the Border?

With a fluctuating dollar, US airline consolidation and fleet retirement, many Canadian airports lost transborder service over the last five years. However, some US routes are trickling back. What does it take to secure direct service in an era of pre-clearance, economic uncertainty and a thickened border?

Speaker: Howard K. Mann, Vice President, Campbell-Hill Aviation Group;

Break-out Sessions

Social Media

Join us for a town hall discussion on what is changing in the world of social media marketing. How can airports engage more with community stakeholders and travel influencers? Learn about optimizing time invested in social media to deliver better results.

Presenter: Monette Pasher, Executive Director, Atlantic Canada Airports Association, Owner, Sea Communications;


Every day, billions of decisions get made across the air travel ecosystem—all powered by information. How does OAG, the world’s longest-standing provider of travel information, drive innovation through real-time data, decision-support platform and analytics tools?

Presenter: Stephen Leonard, OAG Airports Manager for North America;

EIA Rewards Program

How to create a custom rewards program that allows you to send offers to customers that promote air service parking, concessions and amenities as well as utilize the customer data to its full potential.

Presenter: Carmen Donnelly, Director, Air Service Development & Passenger Markets, Edmonton International Airport;

Program at a Glance

The following is a preliminary program. The final program details will be updated at a later date.

June 24
June 25
June 26
6:30 am Arrivals throughout the day
Hotel Check-In @ 3:00 pm
5K Run (all paces) /
Hike Signal Hill
7:00 am Registration open until 5:00 pm
7:30 am Buffet Breakfast
8:00 am Buffet Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome Remarks
Keith Collins
8:45 am Greetings – Welcome
9:00 am
9:15 am
9:30 am
9:45 am
10:15 am Refreshment Break
10:30 am Refreshment Break
10:45 am
B2B Meetings
Break-Out Session
Building Loyalty Programs
Carmen Donnelly
11:35 am
B2B Meetings
Break-Out Session
Social Media
Monette Pasher
12:15 pm Lunch + Keynote
Alan Doyle
12:35 pm Lunch + Keynote
Zita Cobb
1:45 pm
2:00 pm
2:45 pm Closing remarks
3:00 pm Sheraton Registration open until 5:00 pm
3:30 pm Refreshment Break
3:45 pm
B2B Meetings
Break-Out Session
5:00 pm Break
5:15 pm Transport from Sheraton to The Rooms
5:30 pm Welcome Reception
The Rooms
6:15 pm Transport from Sheraton to Signal Hill Campus
6:30 pm Cocktails
7:00 pm Newfoundland and Labrador “Time”
7:30 pm Transport from The Rooms to Sheraton (until 8:00 pm)
10:00 pm Transport from Signal Hill Campus to Sheraton (until 10:15 pm)

Updated: June 13, 2019.